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Our services

We are an employment agency specialised in recruitment of staff (in Poland and abroad) for the following branches:

  • meat processing industry - butchers
  • metal industry - welders
  • CNC operators and programmers
  • construction industry - general building and construction jobs
  • children care and elders care
  • production and storage employees
  • hotel service employees


We are flexible. Prices for our services are set individually, according to our actions and methods that are involved in the recruitment process. Our consultants are equipped with high abilities, expert knowledge and professional experience. We have also a database of prospective candidates that is being constantly developed. Our consultants are also able to seek for candidates and evaluate those, who are already employed in a more thorough and objective manner. Our comprehensive service allows you to lower costs. You don't have to permanently maintain the HR section in your company, particularly, if there is no new recruitment on the agenda.

  • Prices and conditions are negotiated individually every time, in each case.
  • Lower costs There are no costs associated with keeping up the given work position.
  • High quality of services High quality of services - expertise and professional experience of our advisers.
  • Stability of work Quality and timeliness of delivered services.
  • Proficiency and professional attitude. The tasks are entrusted to the highly skilled professionals.
  • Access to the expert's know-how. Hiring experts in every section of the company is too expensive.
  • More effective utilisation of work time. We work when it is needed.
  • Higher efficiency of the whole company. Outsourcing of the most common and time-consuming tasks to an external service provider increases the efficiency in every section of a company.
  • Instead of paying for an infrastructure you pay only for the service.