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For Employers




We have an extensive database of candidates which is constantly developed and updated.


We are specialised in recruitment of skilled employees.

We are aware of the fact, that finding the right people - skilled, with high professional abilities - is a difficult, time-consuming and expensive process.

But we are ready to challenge this problem. We encourage you to try our services. Recruitment of candidates is performed professionally; it is also conform with our code of best practices.The aim of this process is to select the right candidate for our customer.



  • Recruitment is conducted by professionals;
  • Time savings in area of HR: the customer doesn't have to prepare the job postings, run the interviews with applicants and to examine their skills;
  • The customer can stay anonymous through the whole process of recruitment;
  • The service is not over at the the moment of hiring a new employee; we offer you also a long-term consultation and support.
  • We offer you a warranty for the delivered services


Temporary job is an employment relation between three parties: the temporary employee - temporary job agency - employer.

Under these conditions the employee is formally hired by the temporary job agency, but he performs his duties at the employer's company. This form of cooperation does not result in a direct link between employee and employer.

The employee signs a contract only with the temporary job agency. On the other hand the contract between a temporary job agency and the employer outlines all the matters related with secondment of employees.

Temporary employment, as a form of employment that is already common on a worldwide scale, should not be confused with occasional employment that lasts only for a short period of time. Since 2003 this form of employment, relatively new in Poland, is regulated by law. Therefore the present and future employees of temporary job agencies can feel safe about their employment, as they have support in law.

This form of employment is now applied not only in case of blue-collar jobs; is is also more and more frequent in the positions of specialists and managers. Candidates with experience in area of IT, office & administration or finance & accounting can be also hired as temporary employees. In case of specialists and temporary employment leasing and outsourcing of IT employees is the most popular form of employment. The trend of hiring temporary employees in sector of services is clearly rising, although it is still not as distinct as in the production sector.


Usually the staff leasing is applied at the companies from business sectors where seasonal demand for workers occurs, however, more and more enterprises are entering a long-term cooperation with temporary job agencies. The most significant benefit of employees leasing is probably the possibility of stronger focus on business organisation and opportunity to lighten the burden of administration and HR functions. Proper employment planning allows to optimise the costs of employment already with lease of just a few workers, regardless of the scale of a company.



  • Change of cost structure - cost of employing seconded employees is transferred from the human resources budget to administrative budget.
  • Solution to the problem of job position limits.
  • Opportunity to avoid additional costs related with direct employment (benefits package, other benefits and forms of remuneration). It is frequently applied in case of management positions, where this sort of benefits accounts for a large percentage of total salary.
  • Decrease of costs associated with handling of HR and accounting duties as well as taking over all these activities by the contractor.